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Free Daily Health Care
to Maximize Your Life Expectancy

FREE medical care
for when you get sick
Hi Kyla, I’m not feeling well...
Ok, let's quickly get your vitals.

Alright, vitals entered!
Great, a doctor reviewed your chart. We suspect you have pneumonia.

We can begin treatment and a prescription has been sent to your pharmacy.

We'll need to confirm a pneumonia diagnosis with a chest xray.

Take this referral to your local imaging provider, and let's chat in 3 days to see how you are feeling. Open a new chat if you have any questions.

Wow, that was easy. Thank you!

Kyla helps you see your
health in a brand new way
Earn Life
Measure daily actions and add decades to your projected life expectancy.
Set Goals
Track actions over time and set goals to
improve your key health metrics.
Daily Actions
Our longevity algorithm gives you
the seven most-important things
for you to do each day.

Kyla helps you create and
manage your medical to-do list
A.I. Driven
Our doctor-built artificial intelligence assembles a to-do list to optimize your health.
Preventive Screens
Kyla detects and prevents illness using the latest medical tests.
Kyla helps you get and refill prescriptions.
Kyla provides referrals to specialists, labs, imaging and other advanced tests.

Kyla talks you through any of
the items in your to-do list
and much more
24/7 Monitoring
Not just relying on annual physicals, Kyla monitors the status of your health every single day.
Alerts and Outbreaks
Get alerts about outbreaks and recalls in your area.
Everything from a UTI to heart disease to cancer.
We can treat most illnesses and provide referrals to a specialist for very complex conditions.
Longevity Medicine
From whole genome sequencing to advanced cancer screenings, Kyla partners with industry experts to deliver it all.

Track all of your family
members under one account
Add and keep track of as many family members as you need.
Get care anywhere, anytime, on your terms.
Plan Ahead
Never miss a vaccination, immunization, medication refill or whatever else may come up.
Anything on the Kyla platform is free of charge. Any services from our partners has associated costs that is covered by most insurances.

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