COVID-19 Testing Locations

Order COVID-19 tests through the Kyla app and redeem at any Action Urgent Care location or from your own home!

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Create an account and select "Getting Tested for COVID-19" to find the test that is right for you.


•  In-Clinic Test
•  Drive-up Test


•  Mail-In Testing

Testing Locations
Tests purchased from the Kyla app can be redeemed at the following Action Urgent Care locations.


San Francisco
•  735 7th Ave.
•  Steiner @ Hayes St.
•  333 Dolores Street

San Jose
•  1375 Blossom Hill Rd.
•  1432 W San Carlos Street
•  1680 E Capitol Expressway
•  4735 Hamilton Avenue
•  670 River Oaks Pkwy, STE H
•  1038 E Brokaw Rd, #30

Los Gatos
•  640 Blossom Hill Rd Suite A

•  122 Robles Dr. (Inside Safeway)

Rancho Cordova/Sacramento
•  10635 Folsom Boulevard (Inside Safeway)

•  1366 East Ave (Inside Safeway)

•  40044 CA-49 (Inside Vons)

•  3100 Fowler Ave (Inside Vons)


San Jose
•  4735 Hamilton Avenue

Testing FAQ

What do I need to bring?
You will need your insurance card, photo ID, and your smartphone with the Kyla app on it.

Where is the test site located?
Test sites are typically located in a protected part of the parking lot. Look for a white van with the Kyla logo.

How do you test for COVID19?
We conduct Antigen and RT PCR testing for COVID19, which tests for active infections. This is primarily done through nasal swabs, and sometimes through throat swabs or sputum collection.

Will it hurt?
No. Kyla uses less-invasive nasal, throat and sputum tests.

Will I need to get out of my car?
No, you shouldn't need to get of your car.

How long will it take to get my results?
Results can be expected between 24-36 hours but are usually back within the testing day.

Will you need a blood sample?
Typically no. Unless you are being tested specifically for past exposure to COVID19 (through an antibody test), we will not need a blood sample. If an antibody test is indeed ordered, it is usually just a small finger prick.

Are the tests FDA / EUA approved?
Kyla uses CDC recommended molecular tests. Kyla works with national laboratories and all tests are FDA or EUA approved.