Employee FAQ

What is Kyla?
Kyla is a primary care application. When COVID-19 began to spread, the Kyla team enhanced the application to help employees stay safe in the workplace.

How will Kyla help keep my workplace safe?
Kyla will educate employees on COVID-19. Each day before work, Kyla will ask you how you are feeling and what your body temperature is. If you are not feeling well, Kyla will help you get tested for COVID-19. If you are feeling nice and healthy, Kyla will still help you get a periodic COVID-19 test each week.

How much will Kyla cost me?
As an employee, Kyla is free to use. Health insurance will be necessary to cover the cost of testing each week; be sure to accurately provide that information when asked to do so. COVID-19 screening, testing, consultations, and treatment are all 100% covered by health insurance, including Medi-cal.

What’s with the weekly testing?
Studies estimate up to 25% of COVID-19 patients do not develop symptoms but are still contagious. These are referred to as “asymptomatic patients”. Asking everyone how they feel before going to work can be helpful, but it does not go far enough to catch asymptomatic patients. It is our mission to keep you and your coworkers as safe as possible.

Does COVID-19 testing hurt?
Certain tests can be uncomfortable, but not painful. Kyla offers nasopharyngeal, nose, and throat swabs as they are available.

What medical information is shared with my employer?
Employers will only see a limited amount of medical information. They will see if you currently have signs/ symptoms of COVID-19 and respiratory disease test results. They will also see if you were potentially exposed to COVID-19 through contact tracing. Any other medical information provided to Kyla will remain Protected Health Information and cannot be released to your employer.

What other information will be shared with my employer?
Employers can see that you’ve registered the application, completed COVID-19 related education cards, and information you provide that could help assess individual or group risk for COVID-19. An example of these types of questions would be, have you been to a large public venue in the last 7 days? Be sure to answer these questions honestly; saying that you were at a shopping mall last week won’t get you in any trouble!

How long do I have to get set up?
We will start tracking your symptoms within 24 hours of you creating an account. It is important to register as soon as possible to get set up and start your education cards!