Employer FAQ
Why trust Kyla?
Kyla has treated over 350,000 patients.
Kyla is HIPAA compliant.
Kyla never sells your personal health information.

Isn’t COVID going away?
COVID-19 is not going away until we have a vaccine. While vaccines are being rapidly developed, expert opinion is that we will not see an approved vaccine candidate until 2021. Once approved, mass distribution is a lengthy process. Finally, if not enough people choose to vaccinate, herd immunity may not be achievable, making COVID-19 a continuous threat.

What does Kyla do?
Kyla is a vertically integrated solution for getting COVID-Covered and getting back to work. Kyla brings together technology and weekly testing to create a safer work environment.

Isn’t the symptom checker enough?
No. We know that up to 50% of people can be asymptomatic yet infectious. https://www.kyla.com/info-weekly-test.html

Why is weekly testing important?
It greatly improves your chances of limiting infection. Read More

What types of businesses do you provide services to?
Kyla provides services to all types of businesses. Our clients range from pre-schools to large manufacturing facilities to corporate offices.

What is the max or minimum business size to enroll in Kyla?
There is no size limit for enrolling with Kyla. However, we require at least 15 to 20 employees to send a nurse to your facility for weekly testing.

How does Kyla work for the employer?
1. Sign up on the website.
2. Go through a step-by-step walkthrough for getting the office and employees ready - everything from legal to compliance.
3. Invite employees to download the app and join the platform.
4. Across your entire workforce, track abnormal symptoms and COVID tests. If any results are positive, all contacts are traced and tested and a return date after COVID illness is projected.

How does Kyla work for employees?
1. Employer sends the employee an email with an invite to download the Kyla app.
2. Employee downloads the app and registers.
3. Kyla educates employee on COVID safety and the importance of safety and reassures employee that going back to work is OK with proper precautions being taken.
4. Eligible employees do a COVID test at the frequency determined by the employer. Our medical director recommends weekly testing.
5. Prior to work each day, every employee is alerted through the app to report any symptoms they may be experiencing.
6. If symptoms are present, the employee gets a doctor consult right from the app.
7. If the doctor suspects COVID, they refer employee for COVID testing.
8. If the employee's test is positive, the doctor treats the employee. Also, the app does contract tracing and notifies possibly infected employees to get tested.
9. The doctor clears employee when it is safe for them to return to work.

Can I really see my employees medical information?
Employers will only be able to see the employee's status on certain data points such as: COVID-19 infection status, cleared for work status, normal/abnormal symptom status, contact tracing status, COVID-19 education status, and information provided by an employee to determine the risk level for COVID-19 exposure. No other medical information will be released to the employer.

How are employees reminded to check the app or input information?
Employees will receive push notifications to their phone.

What if we have temperature readings on-site?
Employees can take their temp on-site and then log into the Kyla app and input that information as part of their daily symptom check.

How long does it take to do the symptom check?
Under 30 seconds. See An Example

What if my company is not back to work yet?
You want to start testing 1 to 2 weeks before returning.

What kind of protocols do you provide?
Kyla provides protocols on COVID-19 testing, social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting, good hygiene, PPE, access control and workplace prep to guide you in getting your company back to work safely.

What other sources can Kyla provide?
Kyla has resources available for legal advice, HR advice, PPE suppliers, compliance advice, bio hazard cleaning services and links to training videos.

Does Kyla train employees or supply us with training for employees?
Kyla can help provide links to resources for employee training.

How does sick time get impacted?
If an employee reports symptoms, instead of automatically putting them on sick leave, the employee receives a doctor consultation right in the app and may be sent to get a COVID test. This discourages false reporting of symptoms and saves significant sick time.

How can employers prove an employee did not get infected with COVID-19 at their workplace?
The current understanding is that the employer may be able to overcome the presumption by showing that the employee was exposed to others with COVID (i.e. went to the store, went to a party, engaged in other behavior that would have exposed the employee to the virus). An employer can also help overcome the presumption by showing it did regular testing, had no other outbreaks (ideally), and had all necessary safety procedures in place (i.e. provided PPE, kept employees socially distant, sent employees who were not feeling well home, cleaned surfaces regularly, etc.)

Laws are changing, How will Kyla notify users of these changes?
Kyla is constantly updating protocols and information listed in Kyla to ensure we are up to date with the latest COVID-19 changes. When there are updates Kyla will notify users via email and you may need to take action within the dashboard.

What kind of tests does Kyla have? Are they FDA / EUA approved?
Kyla uses CDC recommended molecular tests. Kyla works with national laboratories and all tests are FDA or EUA approved.

How does the drive-through work?
You pull up and our nurse scans a Kyla app screen your phone then takes a swab. This should take around 30 seconds.

How long will it take to get my results?
California labs are backed up for weeks. However, Kyla utilizes its own labs and typically has results between 24-48 hours.

How do I find local testing locations?
Please review our Locations Page

What if my employees don’t want to participate. Can I make them?
Kyla provides step-by-step guidance to make your employees feel comfortable to return to the workplace and leverages technology to make it convenient to participate in your covid prevention program. What you really want is compliance and to get that, you need to have a simple and easy program. If you are getting a lot of resistance, you can try to implement the optional approach and we have seen most employees convert to weekly testing after seeing their co-workers have a great experience.

Who are the Providers?
Our Providers are US-based, Board-Certified Physicians (MDs), PAs and NPs.

When are Providers available?
Our Providers are available 9am to 9pm PST.

What pharmacies do you prescribe to?
Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, Walgreens, CVS and more.

Is insurance accepted?
Insurance coverage requirements for COVID19 testing is changing rapidly. Unfortunately in July, the Department of Managed Health Care removed guidelines that mandated health insurance payments and enacted regulations that restrict coverage. In certain circumstances, such as an outbreak where exposure to employees is confirmed, insurance may be billed. However, in most circumstances, periodic testing will not be billed to insurance.

Some Employees are not on a company insurance plan but on a spouse’s plan. Will Kyla still cover them?
If the testing is deemed billable (as in the scenario listed above), Kyla will absolutely work with all insurance providers.

What computer systems are Kyla’s dashboard and app compatible with?
The Dashboard can be used in any internet browser on a computer. The app is compatible with both android and IOS phones

Are there any additional charges other than $9.99?
Yes. You will need to pay for COVID tests at the beginning of each month. In limited circumstances, such as an outbreak with exposure to your employees, Kyla will be able to bill insurance.

What if we have out of state employees?
Kyla is currently in California only but pre-enrolling employers in other regions.

How long is a contract?
The contract is month-to-month. You pay at the start of the month for the number of “seats” you are purchasing for your employees.

Does Kyla support in other languages?
Yes. English and Spanish.

Is Kyla considered a medical benefit for PPP forgiveness purposes?
Kyla services may be considered a payroll cost for purposes of the loan program. However, businesses should consult with their lender for confirmation on how the lender will be handling this.

We still didn’t answer your questions?
You can email us at support@kyla.com.